Inside the Mechanism

Complicated made simple. B-Lock is borne from years of development; designed by display specialists in Singapore striving for relentless improvement. The main components of the B-Lock is the retractable bullet head, the alloy flower port, the coiled tension spring, the plastic end capping, and the round adjustible module at the bottom for modified tension. This patented technology is what makes B-Lock at the forefront of modular assembly.


Welcome to the future

We are at an age where hammers and other bulky tools will be a thing of the past. The realization of one ubiquitous equipment for assembly is now within our reach.



made simple

B-Lock is made with simplicity in mind. It is designed for fast, tools-free, noise-free assembly. You can assemble it with your bare hands. Just twist, click, and you're done.




Solid Assembly

With B-Lock you can assemble anything from basic geometric shapes to complex multifaceted grid assemblies. They are also secure, yet light weight.




Scale your imagination

Be the architect of limitless design possibilities. B-Lock is infinitely reusable. Construct sprawling structures that soar up to 5 metres. From, walls, tables, backdrops, platforms, fixtures to entire exhibition. All with no tools, no hassle, just creativity.